Pupil Leadership

At Cornwall Hill College, we believe in a holistic approach to education. As a result, we believe that all pupils have inherent elements of leadership within them.


From 2019, the College has paired up with an international company to write a unique “Cornwall Hill College leadership curriculum”. With the support and training of these experts in the field of leadership, our staff has been trained and prepared to assist the pupils in mapping out the uncharted future which awaits each and every one of them. One lesson a cycle has been set aside for this for all pupils in Grades 9 to 11.  Here, in a very practical manner, pupils learn more about themselves and the skills needed for effective leadership.


Because the growth of self-knowledge and confidence to lead is a continuous journey of discovery, the leadership development course aims to guide and nurture this growth throughout each pupil’s school career in a practical way.


The pupils are afforded various opportunities throughout the College to put their practical skills and knowledge into good use. Pupils can be elected or selected into positions of leadership in many varied capacities:


  1. Class Representatives
  2. Captains / Leaders of Activities
  3. Mentorship Programmes
  4. Senior Executive Council (SECs)


Each of these portfolios encourages a sub-committee of pupils working with them to make their tasks easier and to be able to gain the input of a wider audience. This, therefore, creates further opportunities for leadership development within the College for all.