Pastoral Care Management Process

No matter how good the preventative work at a school is, inevitably when dealing with adolescents, with all the pressures that they are under, internally as well as from home and society at large, problems will still arise. However, good quality Pastoral Care Management processes, will mean that staff and pupils, are better prepared to deal with problems when they do arise.


To achieve this, each pupil is placed in a Tutor group of between 14 and 16 pupils with a Tutor teacher. Early morning Tutor periods allow for interaction and reflection on their academic, social and emotional well-being.



The Tutor teacher monitors their pupils, and if any specific individual difficulties are identified this is communicated to the Grade Leader, who will inform the parents and suggest an appropriate intervention. A comprehensive Tutor Support System is also in place whereby the Grade Leader team and the Tutor Support Team work closely with strategies to assist the pupils. This will guarantee good relationships and ensure quality pastoral care at Cornwall Hill College.

The Grade Leader Team


Each Grade is made up of the Grade Leader, Tutor Teacher and Subject Teachers. This team is responsible for ensuring effective pastoral care of the pupils entrusted to their care. They are also responsible for clear communication and applying the pastoral support systems. They must ensure that all members of staff involved with a particular pupil’s pastoral care, are kept fully informed about any particular concerns and the action being taken.