Positive Behaviour Supports Managing Discipline

The Behavioural Management Policy refers to a system of school-wide processes and individualised instruction designed to maintain and encourage appropriate behaviour and to prevent and decrease problem behaviour. It is a comprehensive system that prevents, as well as responds to, problem behaviour and ties effective behavioural support activities to the College mission and vision.


It includes an action plan that establishes staff, parent and pupil responsibilities.


To make the system work, teachers will need to respond to problems from an instructional approach rather than from a punitive one. All school personnel and parents must believe that instruction can improve behaviour, behavioural instruction is part of teaching, personalising misbehaviour makes matters worse, and emotional poise underlies discipline methods that work.


The system provides immediate feedback for positive behaviour and provides pupils with step-by-step instructions on how to follow the rules and the benefits thereof. Both teachers and pupils are able to define consequences concretely.


It is important to note that all teachers have the authority, consistent with Board Policy and applicable Law, to manage his or her classroom, discipline pupils and refer any problems they may deem necessary, to the relevant authority, for further appropriate action.