Welcome to CHC Prep, a unique and happy family. This starts with sourcing truly special staff to facilitate the knowing and growing of each child. Whilst sourcing staff, one overriding question dominates our thoughts during the interview process although it is actually never asked: “Would I let you babysit my child?” The staff who are fortunate enough to join our team have all passed muster in this regard.


This staff then facilitates the most important transition in a child’s schooling: walking them through the processes from their “first day of big school” through to being mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually ready for their journey through High School.


These are exciting times, filled with laughter, fun and growing experiences. Education, through and beyond the curriculum is required. Externally benchmarked academic accreditations attest to the incredible levels of prowess our children display. They are not the true measure of our curriculum though. In order to fully understand what the learning process entails, one would need to walk the corridors and look into the classrooms to see children learning. When listening to the teachers talking to children and observing how they talk to each other and engage in the lessons, one does not see innovation and technological mastery as ends unto themselves. Like everything we do, they serve the greater purpose of growing each child. This extends to our co-curricular programme. Every child participates in this, benefitting from representing the school and being part of peer development through teams and groups.


We invite you to book a visit to our school as we welcome visitors to come and experience what we see and do every day. We hope that you too will one day become part of our family.


Maurice Dicks
Principal: Preparatory School

“Education is a once in a lifetime opportunity to open children’s hearts and minds to the unbelievable wonder of the universe.”– Sir Anthony Seldon, British educator and contemporary historian who is Vice Chancellor of the University of Buckingham.


Our Preparatory School is a unique and happy place. We believe this begins with our truly special staff who facilitate the knowing and growing of each child. When interviewing potential teachers for our School one over-riding question dominates our thoughts: “Would I let you babysit my child?” The staff who are fortunate enough to join our team have all passed muster in this regard.


From the very first day of Grade 1, our staff facilitate the most important transition in a child’s schooling: Walking them through the processes from their first day of Big School through to being mentally, physically emotionally and spiritually ready for their journey through High School and into the world.



Junior Preparatory (Grade 1 to Grade 3)


The Junior Preparatory School is facilitated by outstanding teachers whose prime focus is to develop the learning of the “whole child” in a supportive and nurturing environment. Throughout this foundation phase, children learn values, skills and knowledge over a broad range of subjects. Extensive use is made of innovative educational tools such as Literacy Planet and Mathletics, supplemented by specialist computer programs. Other subjects such as Afrikaans, Sepedi, Art, Music, Physical Education and Computers are all taught as an inclusive package to give children the start they need academically leading into the Senior Preparatory.

Senior Preparatory (Grade 4 to Grade 7)


Grade Four children form part of the Senior Preparatory School where these important values, skills and knowledge now develop within-subject arenas. In Grade Four, children are taught primarily by register teachers who monitor their progress in class as well as through formal assessments and tests, helping us best enhance every child’s learning and growth.


In Grade Five children are placed into a register class timetabled to specialist teachers who shape their progress within each specific subject.


At this stage of their school life, all our children are exposed to opportunities afforded nationally through standardised tests, assessments and internationally recognised benchmarking exercises. These include AMESA Mathematics Competition, Conquesta for languages, Regional Science Expos and independent external benchmarking. We pride ourselves on marked achievements in all these areas. Our pupils and educators richly deserve having been acknowledged as the top-performing Preparatory School in South Africa in the AMESA Mathematics Challenge. Analysis of the annual Independent Exam Board Benchmarking Exercise clearly shows that our School significantly outperforms the national results of other participating schools.


We invite you to book a visit to our School. Our knowledgeable and dedicated staff would love for you to experience what we see and do every day.


“We’d visited a number of potential schools in the area for our daughters, but when we walked through Cornwall Hill College, we got “that feeling”. The School just felt right for us!” – Parent of the School for five years. 



Our School’s nurturing and invested attitude towards the “whole child” is evident in our co-curricular programme. Every child is expected to take part in one sport per season, benefitting from representing the School and being part of peer development through teams and groups.

Co-Curricular Sport


We believe sport is part of the greater school curriculum and pupils must participate in a summer and winter sport. We encourage maximum participation irrespective of a pupil’s skill level. Involvement in sport is essential in the development of life skills and the establishment of a life-long healthy living programme. Team sport develops a sense of camaraderie amongst the pupils and a vibrant school spirit, in addition to enhancing their ability to work together towards a common goal.

Those who excel on the sporting field are offered opportunities to test their mettle against top sporting schools and are given a chance to be considered for possible provincial selection. We produce winners and strive to perform above the norm, yet we teach our pupils to accept losing with grace and maturity.

Our sporting facilities are phenomenal with an astroturf, pitch cricket nets, a heated swimming pool, netball and tennis courts.


Sports offered:


  • Athletics
  • Cricket
  • Cross Country
  • Equestrian
  • Golf
  • Hockey
  • Netball
  • Rugby
  • Swimming
  • Tennis





We are proud to offer a diverse cultural programme in the form of music, art, drama and extensive co-curricular activities. Our recently renovated Music Centre caters to the needs of every pupil in a relevant and contemporary manner.


In the Preparatory Phase, the pupils have two class music lessons per week, while music is offered in the Senior College as a choice subject to matric level. An in-house collection of guitars and keyboards provide each pupil with hands-on instrumental experience, regardless of talent or ability. Alternatively, pupils may choose the co-curricular option, which offers a wide variety of instruments and styles of music.


Private tuition is offered in a range of instruments such as piano, guitar, percussion, voice, keyboard, clarinet, saxophone, flute, recorder, drums and violin.


Investment in music technology has given the College an additional edge in this field. The computers in the music department feature the latest software that enables pupils to compose, record, produce and arrange their own compositions, keeping them motivated and enthusiastic to practice and excel in music. In this way, music theory becomes relevant and practical, enhancing performance at music exams. The music experience at the College instils in the pupils a positive self-image, a desire to achieve excellence, an ability to set goals, co-operation and group cohesiveness.


The art department focuses on creative expression with a variety of materials before introducing conventional art techniques. In the process of producing an artwork, a pupil is exposed to creative problem-solving, sensory perception and self-expression.

During the school year, there are a wealth of opportunities for pupils to showcase their talents in the school productions, an extensive programme of music concerts and various other shows. The inter-house drama festival provides pupils with the opportunity to write and produce their plays under the guidance of a mentor. We provide a platform where pupils can bring
their ideas to life.

Extra Offerings at The Preparatory School


Learning Support


At our school, we offer on-site learning support to the children who need it. We have Occupational Therapists and Speech Therapists who operate as private service providers from the School premises, making accessibility to these invaluable offerings more convenient for children and their parents.



All learners from Grade 3 onwards are allowed to use their Tuckshop cards during break time and after school. There are no cash facilities available at the School Tuckshop. However, the Pavilion Tuckshop is open to all visitors and pupils and may pay with cash there.

Aftercare and Homework Sessions


Monitored aftercare services are available from after school until 5.30 pm. A hearty lunch and afternoon snacks are provided, and homework is completed under supervision.