At Cornwall Hill College Pre-School, we use approaches which encourage our children to engage and interact in a stimulating learning environment. As a team, we strive to ensure each child is equipped with the necessary skills which enhance each individual’s development. We encourage play where most learning in the early years takes place and we inspire creativity in all our daily tasks. Our days provide a balance of individual, small group and larger group activities, encouraging our pupils to explore and discover. Our wonderful staff provides ample opportunities for learning by offering a variety of activities which are engaging for each child. Our strategy to provide a holistic and innovative education enables our values to be displayed in each activity. Our beautiful grounds provide an environment where pupils can have fun and further develop their gross and fine motor skills. We encourage ‘thinking skills’ which enables them to be inquisitive and develops enquiring minds. In a happy and healthy environment, our children are challenged in all spheres of development.

Janine Dumas Kuchling
Principal: Pre-School

“There can be no keener revelation of a society’s soul than the way in which it treats its children.”Nelson Mandela, President of South Africa


A child’s first and most important teachers, we believe, are their parents. In his or her own family, is where a child first gains a basic sense of trust and security and first learns to respond to other people. At our School, we believe that pre-school is a bridge between formal and home education and our aim is to form a partnership with parents in order to nurture a child’s optimum growth.


Cornwall Hill College has the reputation for offering a warm, loving and nurturing “first school experience” and we strive to enrich all lives that enter our Pre-School.



The Pre-School Programme offers learning opportunities that expose our enrolled children to skills, attitudes and concepts that lead to formal learning. Our approach to learning is all-encompassing. It aims to develop the social, emotional, intellectual and physical potential of each child, through encouraging active participation in the learning process.


Our approach recognises that each child is a unique individual who learns and develops at their own pace and in their own way. The learning environment is designed to develop individual potential – recognising and respecting differences.


In the Pre-School Phase, emphasis is placed on exploration and discovery within a framework of personal and social responsibility. Within a nurturing environment, we plan our curriculum around individual needs for growth, creating opportunities for our children to become independent by learning to take care of themselves, to work out their problems and to become responsible for their actions. Close attention is paid to each child’s progress and it is documented and shared with parents verbally, graphically and through written reports.


Physical Development

Because we believe that physical development is as important as emotional and intellectual development, we have partnered with MonkeyNastix and forms part of our curriculum.

Extra Offerings In The Pre-School



Cornwall Hill College Aftercare facilities are available for pupils from Grade 000 to Grade 3. The children are taken care of by a team of dedicated supervisors who see to the children’s needs during the afternoons.

After school, the children are given a warm nutritional meal for lunch and a late afternoon snack. The children are collected and returned to Aftercare for all co-curricular activities.

Supervised homework sessions take place in the preparatory school section of Aftercare.

During parts of the school holidays, the Aftercare team run an action-packed fun-filled Holiday Club.

We provide a safe, stimulating environment and cannot wait to welcome you to our Cornwall family.


Learning Support 

At our school, we offer on-site learning support to the children who need it. We have Occupational Therapists and Speech Therapists who operate as private service providers from the School premises, making accessibility to these invaluable offerings more convenient for children and their parents.