About Cornwall Hill College

At Cornwall Hill College, we strive to create a solid educational foundation by providing a wide range of academic, sporting and cultural opportunities for our pupils. Our excellent facilities promote learning and nurture a space for our pupils to excel in the academic, sporting and cultural spheres offered at our School. We pride ourselves in promoting traditional values of honesty, integrity, compassion and responsibility.

At our School, our pupils are offered a values-based education underpinned by excellence. Independent thinking, self-discipline and the development of a positive self-image are encouraged to enable pupils to realise their full potential.

Cornwall Hill College offers schooling from Grade 000 to Grade 12. We are a co-educational, independent school situated in Irene on some 25 ha of idyllic, country-like surroundings. Whilst our school’s history is short, our beautiful buildings project an old-world charm, while our state-of-the-art facilities provide optimal opportunities for our pupils’ growth and development. Currently, our enrolment is in excess of 1800 pupils, ranging from Grade 000 to Grade 12.

“Twelve years ago, we entrusted you with our six-year-old son’s education. We were looking for a school that would educate and stimulate our child,
introduce him to a wide range of activities and discipline him without breaking his spirit. You have not let us down.” – Parent of a Cornwall Hill College pupil

Our Approach

Cornwall Hill College’s educational philosophy entails the creation of a solid foundation for its pupils by providing ample opportunities and exceptional facilities for them to excel in academic, sporting and cultural spheres, while still retaining traditional values of honesty, integrity, compassion and responsibility.

A Sense Of History

Compared with South Africa’s independent schools of long standing, Cornwall Hill College is but a fledgeling! None of the stately, old buildings with corridors that seem to carry the echoes of the thousands of voices of those who have gone before and whose shoes have scuffed and worn away surface areas of the paving blocks so carefully laid many years before.

Dedicated Staff

Our teachers are not only subject specialists, but they are also child developmental specialists. They are committed to the success of the pupils, and this success is built on strong relationships of mutual respect. The College is more than just a place where a child comes to learn, it’s a nurturing environment that develops a sense of self-worth and community in every child through relationships of trust with teachers and peers.

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