All our pupils are offered a values-based education underpinned by excellence. Independent thinking, self-discipline and the development of a positive self-image are encouraged to enable our pupils to realise their full potential.

At the heart of our approach to education at our School, is the three-tier structure of the School. This structure allows our different age groups to live, work and socialise in their own unique areas, while fostering a degree of interactive participation across the phases that provides opportunities for mentoring. Other than the Pre-Preparatory Phase (Grades 000 to 0), the School’s two tiers include the Preparatory Phase (Grades 1 to 7) and College Phase (Grades 8 to 12). This enables our staff to focus more clearly on the needs of each age group to ensure that pupils thrive in an environment where they can spend more time with friends of their own age without social pressure from older or younger peers.

At Cornwall Hill College, we encourage a strong partnership between the parents of our pupils and the School. A collaborative relationship between the School and parents is actively sought after in order support the various facets of our educational programme – by working together we are better able to strive for the best for each one of our pupils.

Our teachers are not only subject specialists, they are child developmental specialists. Our family of staff members are committed to the success of all our pupils. This is accomplished by building strong relationships of mutual respect.

Cornwall Hill College is more than just a place where a child comes to learn, it’s a nurturing environment that develops a sense of self-worth and community in every child through relationships of trust with teachers and peers.

Twelve years ago, we entrusted you with our six-year-old son’s education. We were looking for a school that would educate and stimulate our child, introduce him to a wide range of activities and discipline him without breaking his spirit. You have not let us down.

Vision, Mission & Values

Vision – In partnership with parents and quality educators, Cornwall Hill College will empower its learners to be values-driven, locally relevant and globally competitive.


During the 1898 South African War, the Duke of Cornwall, Prince of Wales Regiment built a fort on the highest hill, south of Pretoria, on a farm owned by the van der Byl family. Over the years, the hill became known as “Cornwall Hill”.

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