The primary function of the Parents’ Association (PA) is to raise funds for the School in order to provide the best possible educational facilities for our pupils. The profits from each and every fundraising event contributes to the continuous development and maintenance of the facilities of Cornwall Hill College.  In addition, the PA has a sub-committee called the Connect Committee, that considers questions of parental concern, that guides parents through the School’s protocols and, where necessary, communicates matters of collective concern through the PA to the Board of Directors (Board). In addition, the Connect Committee might provide a return communication channel to parents if deemed appropriate by the Board and/ or School Executive. The Connect Committee is made up of parents who are familiar with the School’s policies and protocols.


We appreciate every parent’s inputs, expertise and ideas.  All Cornwall Hill College parents are automatically members of the PA and are welcome to join or attend PA meetings at any time during the year.  The Connect Committee welcomes parents who have any questions or concerns. The Connect sub-committee can be reached via email on


We invite parents to air their concerns with the Connect Committee before airing them on the playing fields and in the car park.


Each year the Parents’ Association host the following fundraising events:


  • Sunset Braai
  • Pipe Band Gathering
  • Golf Day
  • Carnival



PA Committee Members:


Acting PA Chairman: Mr Denzil Smith – care of
PA Vice-Chair: Vacant
Treasurer: Vacant
PA Assistant: Mrs Heather Cohoe –