At Cornwall Hill College we believe that developing the pupil as a whole is of vital importance.  
Every pupil has an element of leadership within them and we endeavour to nurture and
develop thisleadership potentialin a positive way in our everyday activities and programmes.  
Every pupil is encouraged to participate in activities and committees which would bring their
potential to the fore.Pupils are elected or selected into positions of leadership in various
different capacities:

1: Class representatives.

Each Tutor group elects a representative to represent their small groups of approximately
15 pupils with respect to pastoral matters.  These pupils form a Student Representative
Council which discusses issues raised by the pupils and brings them to the attention of the
Senior leaders who bring these matters to management.

2: Junior Student Executive Council:
This is a body Grade 9 pupils elected by their peers to serve the school as student leaders.
These pupils are divided into the following portfolios:
Heads of Culture; Heads of Houses; Heads of Social responsibility; Heads of Spirit and Social;
Heads of Boarding.
The role of this body is primarily service to the College as well as working together to organise
certain projects e.g Social responsibility projects; Junior Social Event.

3: Captains / Leaders of Activities:

Pupils are appointed as Captains of groups such as sports teams, Service Teams, First Aid
Teams, Sound and Lighting teams; Choir groups and many others. These pupils assume the
role of assisting the staff member of each activity with the organisation of that activity as well
as the motivation of the pupils within that activity. Student leadership plays a vital role in the
success of the variety of activities offered by the College.

4: Senior Student Executive Council:

Our Senior Student Executive Council (Prefect Body) is elected annually by the pupils of the College
to lead them through the following year. This group of Grade 12 pupils serves the College in the
following portfolios:

Head and Deputy Head Boy and Girl; Academic; Sport; Culture; Social Responsibility; Boarding;
Houses; Spirit and Social and Pupils Management. These young ladies and gentlemen assist with
the running of activities within these portfolios. They are the liaison between the pupil body and
the staff and their input and opinion is critical to making our school a happy place where pupils feel
comfortable and safe.

Each portfolio has a sub committee of pupils working with them in order to make their task easier and to
be able to gain the input of a wider variety of pupils. This creates another level of leadership
development within the College.

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