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Cornwall Hill College offers a unique schooling opportunity, to join a family, which provides education at entry-level in Grade 000, through to secondary level, culminating at Grade 12 level.


Grade 000 – Grade 0

A child’s first and most important teacher, we believe, are their parents. In his or her own family, is where a child first gains a basic sense of trust and security and first learns to respond to other people. At our School, we believe that pre-school is a bridge between formal and home education and our aim is to form a partnership with parents in order to nurture a child’s optimum growth.

Preparatory School

Grades 1 to 7

Our Preparatory School is a unique and happy place. We believe this begins with our truly special staff who facilitate the knowing and growing of each child. When interviewing potential teachers for our School one over-riding question dominates our thoughts: “Would I let you babysit my child?” The staff who are fortunate enough to join our team have all passed muster in this regard.


Grade 8 – 12

The foundation of our values-based, pupil-centred, holistic approach to education are our tutor groups where no more than 18 pupils at a time are mentored and cared for by quality staff.  In this nurturing environment, pupils are challenged to step beyond their comfort zone and develop to their full potential in order to take their place as well-rounded, mature adults in society.

Have A Look At Our Amazing Facilities

At Cornwall Hill College, we are extremely proud of the state-of-the-art sporting, cultural and educational facilities on offer at our School. We take pride in the fact that as one of the most established independent schools in the area, our facilities are second-to-none and offer our pupils the best in the way of sporting, educational and cultural opportunities.

2021 Matric Results

97.8% BD Pass (Entrance to University degree Course)
84% of all marks achieved were 60% or above
20% of all candidates achieved an A average
90% of all candidates obtained an average of 60% or more
302 distinctions from 134 candidates
Average of 2,3distinctions per pupil




Percent Pass Rate


Percent With University Entrance


Matric Pupils

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The opportunity to educate other people’s children is a great privilege, bringing with it a huge responsibility to provide the best all-round education possible. Our aim, in doing so, is to prepare young people to enjoy a happy and successful future.  At Cornwall Hill College, in partnership with parents and quality teachers, we empower our pupils to be value-driven, locally relevant and globally competitive.

Cornwall Hill College offers a unique schooling opportunity, to join a family, which provides education at entry-level in Grade 000, through to secondary level, culminating at Grade 12 level. This is collaboration at its best!

We live in exciting, and somewhat challenging times, with the world-changing at a rapid pace.  This means our education, which is progressive and well-rounded, is more important than ever. Cornwall Hill College’s educational philosophy entails the creation of a solid foundation for its pupils, by providing ample opportunities, and exceptional facilities in which to excel. Emphasis is placed on all spheres of education from academics, to the sporting arena, as well as the inclusion of culture, whilst still retaining traditional values of honesty, integrity, compassion and responsibility.

Mr Leon Kunneke
Executive Principal

Outstanding Cultural Activities

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